Dangerous Waters | Susan Hunter

Dangerous Waters

True-crime writer Leah Nash is reluctantly drawn into a modern family drama with a very old story to tell.

When local businessman Bryan Crawford dies unexpectedly of diabetes complications, he is celebrated and mourned by his wife, his daughter, his stepson, and his adoring older sister. It’s a terrible shock when it turns out that Bryan didn’t die of natural causes. He was murdered. But who could possibly want to kill a nice guy like him?

Quite a few people, Leah discovers. Beneath the happy family fable the Crawfords tell the world is a tale of jealousy, greed, revenge, and closely held secrets. One of those secrets will mean heartbreak for someone Leah loves. While she works to untangle truth from lies, old friendships suffer, and new relationships demand more than Leah is sure she wants to give.

In a stunning conclusion, Leah must contend not only with a desperate killer, but with a raging river that has overrun its banks and is destroying everything in its path, including Leah’s escape route.