I'm Glad You Made It - Susan Hunter

I’m Glad You Made It

  • November 18, 2019

If you’re one of the readers who followed me here from a redirect link at my former site, leashnashmysteries.com, thanks for making the journey with me. If you’re a new reader just checking out the Leah Nash series and the website, I’m happy you’re here.

Up until about a month ago, I was bumping along on any given day doing the things independent authors do: planning ad campaigns, researching keywords, tracking advertising spending, formatting books, updating my website, writing book descriptions, managing an email list, trying to keep up with social media, and half a dozen other small but time-consuming tasks.

You may notice there’s no mention of writing in that description. That’s because independent authors have to spend as much—or more—time on publishing and marketing their books as they do on writing. For those authors blessed with not only writing ability, but also artistic, technical, data analysis, and advertising skills, life as an indie author can be very satisfying. Sadly, that is not me. Keeping up with all the necessary but non-writing tasks (none of which I’m very good at) was taking up a bigger and bigger portion of my time. With five books in the Leah Nash series published, and another one due out soon, I was struggling to find the time to do what I really enjoy—the actual writing.

Then, a miracle happened, or as close to one as I’m likely to get. I signed with Severn River Publishing last month, and now SRP will be taking care of all those important but outside-my-wheelhouse tasks. They’ve already set up the very nice website you’re currently visiting, and they’re managing the email list that will keep us in touch, and designing covers, and writing book descriptions, and, in short, freeing me to write books that I hope you’ll continue to enjoy reading.

I’ll still be writing my own posts on this website, about once a month, as I did on my old site. Sometimes they’ll be book or writing-related, sometimes they’ll just be funny things or random observations that I want to share with you. And, as always, I love to have you share with me, too. My inbox is always open. I’m looking forward to this next step for the Leah Nash series. Here’s to new adventures in writing—and reading.